Hello there!

My name is Igor and I am a photography lover who has been fortunate enough to turn his adored hobby into a profession.
What once started as a simple pastime enjoyment, revealed itself to be my true passion. As a mostly self-taught photographer, I was lucky enough to have had an opportunity to attend Fotosofia, a truly amazing photography seminar organized by the renowned photographer Damir Hoyka. Fotosofia significantly influenced my approach to photography and I am today even happier to be a part of it as an assistant and perhaps a support to those striving to refine this shared passion.

While I enjoy various forms of photography such as travel and product photography, as a married man and a father of two, I know that some events in life we will want to stay with us forever. In today’s world, our lives can seem incresingly hectic and our human memory cannot always preserve them all to the level of detail we would want it to. This is where photography helps by eternalizing these crucial events, preserving them unaltered by time, and helping us refresh our memories with all the significant little bits and pieces.

Our wedding is one of the most important events in our lives, the moment that entwines our life with the life of another, the one we love the most. This event deserves to be preserved in all its glory. I am happy that photography has given me the opportunity to help quite a number of couples across the country to do just that. For me, there is no greater joy than to see happiness on my clients’ faces as they see their own preserved forever in my work. In a way, I too feel a part of their happiness.

I would be honored to be there for you in your moments of joy, to capture those moments and help you create future memories.